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Alpha Wellness Sensations

Alpha Wellness Sensations
  1. Stadsheide 27
  2. 3500 Hasselt
  1. +32 11 301 380
Zwembad paspoort
  1. - 250cm W x 220cm D x 215cm H
  2. - Interior finish in red cedar profiles
  3. - Benches type Chaleur
  4. - Sauna lamp
  5. - Glass door in safety glass
  6. - Sauna oven 7.5 kW

Chaleur sauna, Shanghai

A private home in Shanghai province recently had a sauna installed in a relaxation room. The Chaleur sauna from Alpha Wellness Sensations was chosen, which was custom-made to size.
The sauna is part of a room dedicated to relaxation. A treatment table was placed there for a relaxing massage. You enter the sauna itself through the glass entrance door made of safety glass. Inside, you will experience an authentic sauna feeling. The walls and ceiling have a warm color due to the use of red cedar wood. The benches are a slightly lighter shade of wood and are placed in a U shape, with the rear seat being one level higher than the side benches. This way, you choose the ideal seat height for a pleasant experience. The sauna oven and sauna lamp were enclosed with wooden slats for a traditional wooden interior.

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